Ever since Windows 7 Beta was released to public, there has been lots of customization packs based on Windows 7 for Vista and XP. The looks and features of Windows 7 were widely accepted. Deviantart user has created a customization pack for Windows XP which transforms it with the looks of Windows 7. The theme pack will run on Windows XP SP3 English versions only.



Img Credit: Author of theme (Picassa243)

The pack has mostly the improved and revamped versions of my Mods for Windows7. The customization pack includes ;

  • Windows Vista System Properties (Sysdm.cpl)
  • Windows Automatic Updates Mod
  • Windows Security Center Mod
  • Windows 7 Gabriola Font for XP
  • Windows Seven Calculator for XP
  • Excellent Styler Skins from Win7 Build 7000.
  • Exclusive and official Windows-7 Wallpapers
  • Perfect theme for Windows-7 by Ernasco
  • Windows 7 and Vista Findexer Kit for XP

Note from the Author: The pack transforms the major system files bringing a change in the way the GUI looks. The sidebar however is not included in the pack.

Download Customization Pack for XP