Google’s Chrome browser has many features which are new in web browsers. We have already talked about a feature of opening favorite sites at start up. Another feature worth mentioning is creating application shortcuts. By creating application shortcuts, you can open these web applications as standalone windows. With this feature application shortcuts are created either on desktop or start menu or quick launch and this shortcut opens the web application in an independent window.

To create an application shortcut, open the web page for which you want to create shortcut. Once the page is loaded, click on the page control options button next to settings.

Control Page Settings

In the settings, select Create application shortcuts item and this will open a pop up asking where to create shortcuts. For example, if you are creating a shortcut for Gmail, then the window displays information that shortcut is created for Gmail. You have the option to create shortcuts on desktop, start menu and Quick launch bar. Once you click OK, application shortcut for Gmail will be created in the locations selected.

application shortcut

Next time you want to access Gmail, double click on the shortcut and Chrome opens Gmail as a standalone window, similar to a desktop application without any tabs or settings. This is nice feature to have and it does not give the impression that you are checking mail through browser.


This is one feature of Chrome which is worth trying. We experienced that Gmail was a bit fast on Google Chrome when compared to Firefox and it was true even for Google apps account.

Have you tried Google Chrome? What are your first impressions? Do share it in comments.