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Create Online Books from PDF Files Online with Issuu


Create Online Books from PDF Files Online with Issuu

Issuu is the place for online publications: Magazines, catalogs, documents, and other stuffs which you would normally find on print. Its a place where you can upload documents and share them as online books for free. Issuu helps to convert PDF documents to online books. The process of conversion of PDF to online books is very fast and simple process.


There is an upload document link available and here you can select the PDF file from the PC. In the next step, you can provide a title and description for the document. If you are registered with Issuu (registration is free), then you will be able to give more details on the document like document category, type, tags, webname, child safe document, language etc.

In the next step, you upload the document and enter the email address in case you are not registered. After uploading you get the URL for the document from where you can share it with your friends.

Viewing the document is also very easy and navigation is pretty good as well.

Features of Issuu are;

  • Convert PDF to Online Books
  • Upload multiple files
  • Browse other documents shared by friends and other people.
  • Customizable themes for viewing
  • Embed documents in Facebook, MySpace etc.

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1 Comment

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