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Back Up your Tweets and Twitter Settings with Tweetake

Tweetake lets you to back up your tweets and twitter settings. Twitter has been having lots of downtimes and your data can be lost any time. So its better to take a back up of your tweets, followers, favorites, friends. All you need is the twitter username and password. You can selectively back up followers, tweets, favorites, friends or everything.


Once you click the Get ‘em button, within few seconds a CSV file is available for download which contains all the data you requested.

Back Up your Tweets [Via Download Squad]

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  1. thats cool.

    btw, ive been meaning to ask, what does nirmaltv stand for?

  2. @Gary Katsevman

    It’s his (author’s) name: Nirmal T.V.

  3. We are another option for backing up Tweets to your email (Gmail and Google Apps, as well as IMAP), we just opened up in beta. Check us out! http://www.tweets2mail.com.


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