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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Stonehenge Leaked

Adobe Photoshop CS4, the latest version of Adobe’s premier photo editing software, codenamed Stonehenge has been leaked to torrent sites. The date of compilation of this build is Nov 1st 2007, so there are chances that this could be a version sent out to testers. There is also rumor that this version will have only few fixes for Vista users.


Here is an image of the new version running on Windows XP. There is no news on when this new version will be available.


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  1. I think latest builds will make picture more clear in terms of new features but for that we still have to wait for sometime.

  2. @Jawwad,
    We’ll have to wait to see what new features does it have.

  3. It kinda makes me sick to see software companies put out a new release with some jacked-up eye-candy and a few features every year or so (and Apple is very guilty of that too).

    I hope CS4 is optimized equally well for Windows and Mac, as CS2 was for Windows.

  4. I hope this image is not a photoshopped one 😆 Great, let talk about resources. I installed CS2 on my office computer and it takes nearly one minute to start. CS4 , I hope will start in less than 3 to 4 mins 😉 .. Way to go adobe 😀

  5. I guess i will download this from the torrents and see what new features it has.

  6. @Kanak,
    I guess its not a photoshopped version. 🙂

    Try it and let me know the features.

  7. Stonehenge….Nice name for a photoshop software though…Yeah what Sumesh said is true…most of the companies are following the apple trend…the next day you buy a product, they will release the next big thing!

  8. @Joel,
    This is one annoying thing, new version every now and then.

  9. Nice to Adobe working on this.. but guys this is just for testing purpose. It’ll take atleast 15-18 months before the retail. Even CS3 final took that long. Canonical started work on Ubuntu HH within 3-4 months of the final release of GG. They release a new OS version twice a year.

    @ Sumesh/Joel,
    Apple guilty of jacked-up eye-candy things? 🙄 Apple released Leopard and Aperture 2.0 (along with iLife & iWork ’08) in recent past but they aren’t like only for ‘eye-candy’. So many nice things that they blow away the competition and are the best apps around.

  10. nirmal how much memory eat this “beta” leak 😡

  11. @Rahul,
    Not sure about it.

  12. it is always exciting to know about the latest in photoshop.. quite a big fan.. am actually hoping they’d make imageready more powerful

  13. @Maneesh,
    I’m also a great fan of Photoshop.

  14. oh! nice ! so nice to see the new version @


  16. cs4 is faster, and the temp file is lower that cs3..try this one

  17. What torrents site should I go to and how do I get the keygen?

    Please advise

  18. apple is like that with ipods. they release a new one who knows how often. im glad i dont use that crappy thing

  19. That image is photoshopped btw. If you observer the logo of PS in the background is in blue and that is for Photoshop CS3. Every photoshop version changes that.

  20. Well, after downloading it from torrent sites, it’s still a fake version. I just rammed up with the files then boom! Most of the files were written in “CS3”. I’ve scanned the coding, still the same, it’s just the version identification changed, nothing more…

    Hell of a good time… 🙁

  21. CS4 cant be realeased too soon with what it brings to the table (massive performance gains for huge resolution film scans and stitched mosaics etc – uses GPU for extra processing power).

    CS4 will be 64-bit for Windows, 32-bit for Mac OS X, about 3-6 months later the 64-bit will be available for Mac OS X.

    So now, or soon is the time to build an SLI rig with 2 x powerful cards, a bucketload of ram and start using 64-bit Windows.

  22. That’s freaking unfair!!! I’m a casual gamer and I usually use 32-Bit of Windows, and upon my testing, 32-Bit is much faster than 64-Bit… Oh… wish they’ll be releasing it for 32-Bit Windows… I really need them… 🙁

  23. I wont tell you exactly where to find this to try… Because being a PIRATE is bad, expecially in the BAY area..

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