G-Mail is the most popular E-mail service and it offers a lot of features compared to other Email service providers. They have excellent spam filter, Ajax based interface, POP3 access and lots more. Here I’m not going to explain the features of GMail, but the three reasons why I don’t like GMail.


  • First and foremost thing which I don’t like about GMail is the default skin. Its long time GMail thought about giving some customization options for UI. To be frank I’m really bored of seeing this skin, it does not have the Web 2.0 effects. Although there are Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox to customize the skin, I cannot install this in all the PCs I use. Even Windows Live Mail and Yahoo Mail allows you to change the look of your mail box.

  • Second important feature missing in GMail is the folder support. Most of the Email services including smaller services allows you to create folders in your mail box to sort out the mails. GMail only offers labeling which I feel is not the best solution to organizing your mails.
  • Another feature missing in GMail is the drag and drop functionality. Yahoo mail and Windows live mail allows you to drag and drop mails to your folders. Its also allows you to delete mails directly using the keyboard delete button. Sadly this is also missing in GMail.

Even though there are still scope for improvement, I would say GMail is the best Email service ever offered. I think my readers would agree to this, comments welcome.

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