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Top 5 Image Hosting Services

Here is a list of Top 5 Images hosting services which gives you free storage space for photos and videos for your blog and website.


is a Yahoo owned company which it acquired 2 years back. Flickr is now one of the most preferred sites for online sharing of photos. For a free account in Flickr, you have a limit of 100 MB per month for uploading. This actually depends on the bandwidth and not on the actual size of the photos. You can also opt for a pro account which comes for $24.95 per year. Flickr provides widget which can be integrated with your blog or website. Flickr is also the award winning photo sharing site.

Photobucket is another popular image and video sharing site. The free account gives you 1GB space and a monthly bandwidth of 25GB. Photobucket Pro accounts are available with no Ads, 5GB storage, Unmetered bandwidth, 2240×1680 image size, 10 min videos, FTP uploads. Premium support, Enhanced widgets and a 10% discount on prints.

Picasa Web Albums:
Picasa Web Albums is owned by Google. You can sign in to Picasa using your Google account. It offers 1GB free space and if you need more space there are lot of plans suited to your needs starting from $25 USD per year. Picasa is also available in 18 different languages. Picasa is software that makes it easy and fun to view, organize, edit and share the digital photos on your PC.

Imageshack provides an easy to use image hosting service. You don’t need to have an account with Imageshack to host your images, you can upload the images and save the links to images for viewing. Regular registered accounts are also available to arrange images according to albums. Imageshack is popular because of its ease of uploading photos. Most of the major image types are supported by Imageshack.

Yahoo Photos:
Yahoo Photos is one of the oldest in image hosting services. You can log in Yahoo photos with your Yahoo account. Yahoo photos is closing down soon to make way for Flickr.

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  1. I think Yahoo Photos is being closed down in favour of Flickr, I’m not too sure though.

    Imageshack is my personal favorite.

  2. Mjuboy,
    You are right, Yahoo Photos is being closed down. I have written about it in the post also. 🙂

  3. goldcoaster,
    Thanks for the find. Imagevenue looks good.

  4. Good List! DivShare is also providing image hosting with gallery support. The best think I like about them is they don’t have much annoying ads!!!

  5. Nice list man . I love photo bucket along with flickr . I think it is a bit underrated .

  6. You have posted nice list nirmal but i think now competition is getting tough everyday , new site like shareapic , which pays their users om CPM rates when thier uploaded pic hasbeen seen . Many Indians and other country users are uploading 100 pic daily on them .

  7. Atul,
    You are right, there is lot of competition in this area and I have just listed the big fishes here. 🙂

  8. no one has mentioned http://www.imagebin.eu/ , really fast to upload images!

  9. Dave, as said service is fast enough. But I hate “hosted on ImageBin.eu” on every image that i host.

  10. Dave,
    Imagebin.eu is really fast, but it showing “Hosted on Imagebin.eu” on the photos. 😥 People will be reluctant to add photos when there is something like this.

  11. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Image Hosting Services : -| Life Rocks! 2.0 |- Technology, Internet, Blogging, Life and Thoughts. Thanks for informative article

  12. Try http://www.onedump.com thats much better image host than imageshack! 😛

  13. I have been hosting my images at http://www.yourhostedimages.com, they offer some good features for free like 360 degree spin for auctions.

  14. Thankyou Nirmal, You shared great information on Image hosting. It’s really pretty much useful.

  15. I’ve just found http://www.picamatic.com … it seems to work faster and has no ads

  16. I use http://www.imageshelf.net

    It’s very quick and easy to use. Personally, I prefer it to imageshack.

  17. this is what i use – http://www.bestimageweb.com/

    it’s pretty fast.

  18. provate questo sito di Free hosting image use the field above to upload as many photos as you need to. First, click Browse and select the image on your computer that you would like to host with us. Next, click Upload Images to transfer the image file to our server. After the upload is complete, you will receive codes to copy/paste onto your blog, email, forum or MySpace


  19. Happyupload allow you to upload 100mb pics? yes if u have a pic thats 100mb we host it if u register guest can upload 10mb images.. you can upload 5 files same time after upload u get codes for myspace, hi5, ebay, forums etc!

  20. Interesting, I have not heard about this

  21. Enjoying reading your blog. Hard work always pays off.

  22. I have found another image hosting, i think this is fastest image hosting !! http://imageto.net/

  23. Here is another new image hosting site: http://www.keapr.com It’s pretty slick. Check it out.

  24. What about Photodekho.com? Have you guys hear about it? it’s a free image hosting and online photo gallery…

  25. Host Pic.Org

    Host Pic.Org is a online picture hosting service with various options/features which other sites may not be providing. Site has been launched with the motive of providing best online picture hosting solution at no cost. There are two ways in which pictures can be hosted – One by registering with site and other without being registered. At times, people do use picture hosting without registration. Members who register can maintain their own picture album and can edit or delete pictures of their album. Site is generating all kinds of URLs for every picture uploaded. Eg. Direct URL, BB Code, Thumbnail Code etc.

    Host Pic.Org is growing at leaps & bounces and indexed PR1 by google in first month of its launch.

    However, we are very strict about terms of use. We do not allow uploading of adult content. This would include pictures containing nudity and sexual situations. We also do not allow pictures that depict illegal activities or subjects. Those who upload illegal files will be blocked (by IP address) from using our service. Legal authorities may be contacted if the subject of the file is found to be illegal.

    Also we are very clear on copy right issue. We retain no copyright to photos on this site. All uploaded files are copyright by their respective owners.

    We have following features which has made our site growing very fast and liked by people.

    – Multiple files upload upto maximum 14 pictures at a time with a single click
    – Upload from URL also possible and it is also multiple URLs at a time
    – No registration required to host images (though registration is highly recommended)
    – maximum file size upto 2 MB
    – Fast Uploading
    – Exhaustive picture URL list to work with html, forum, hotlinking etc.
    – very fast and simple 30 seconds registration, user name & email id -nothing else is required
    – Option to mark picture private to make it invisible in Gallery
    – Very easy to see all uploaded pictures in one window (when registered)
    – Easy bookmark button available on site
    – Pleasant layout and lot more.

  26. Thanks for the information. I use Picasa. they have really good image editor. I like it.

  27. I find PhotoDekho to be the best – by far! It’s free. Just try it once

  28. Check out one of the best image hosts:


    Their images will never be deleted, you also can create unlimited private albums.


  29. I thin the best one is http://www.hogpic.com i use it allot on ebay

  30. Image Hosting at http://www.picspoon.com is the web’s image sharing social network. – Create slideshows and share your photos with friends and family

  31. http://wetakepic.com best free hosting website provide private album, community and lot of other great feature. upload unlimited images.

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