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How to Get Wallpapers from Oppo Themes

If you have used an Oppo smartphone, then you might be knowing that Oppo has its own theme store for downloading themes, wallpapers, and icon packs to customize the device. There are lots of quality themes and wallpapers available in the theme store. You can download these themes and install them on your Oppo smartphone supporting Color OS. But what if you want to use the wallpaper on another brand smartphone? In such cases, you cannot copy these themes from the Oppo theme store to any other brand phone as they are limited to Oppo phones only. So how do you get wallpapers from Oppo themes?

Get Wallpapers from Oppo Themes

As of now, there is no direct option to get the wallpaper from Oppo themes, but you can try the free app called Get Current Wallpaper (link below). For this, you need to first apply the theme from which you want the wallpaper, make sure this theme is applied on your phone.

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Once you have installed the Android app on your phone, you get two options, one is to extract or get the wallpaper and the second is to get the lock screen. When you select your option, it actually captures the wallpaper and saves it to the phone gallery.

Get Wallpapers from Oppo Themes

Get Current Wallpaper is as simple as it gets and lets you extract the wallpaper with no hassle. Here are some of the unique features of the app.

  • No loss of image quality
  • Share feature to easily distribute retrieved wallpaper
  • Simple and beautiful design

If you want to get wallpapers from Oppo themes, this is the best option.

Download Get Current Wallpaper

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