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Samsung Galaxy A51 Camera Review

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Samsung Galaxy A51 Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy A51 is the latest smartphone from Samsung in the A series, replacing the A50s launched last year. The A51 packs a quad camera set up along with 48MP primary camera and a 32MP selfie camera which has the infinity O display. It also comes with ultra wide angle camera, macro sensor and depth sensor. The phone has the primary Samsung GM1 sensor with 48MP resolution and can take videos in 4K resolution. So how does the camera stack up against the competition, lets find out in the Samsung Galaxy A51 Camera Review.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Camera Review

Here is the Samsung Galaxy A51 Camera Review video.

Rear Quad Camera:

From the daylight shots, you can see that the 48MP camera offers decent clarity for the price segment.  The colors are not exactly natural, but you wont be disappointed with it. There is good amount of details and sharpness levels are also quite average especially for the price segment and we feel Samsung should have done a better job here. When you zoom into the pictures, you can see a lot of noise.  There is also auto HDR available. The dynamic range is quite good.

The phone comes with an 12MP ultra wide angle camera. While most of the ultra wide angle camera images do not have great quality, the A51 did have some decent results with ultra wide angle camera. The colors were good while the details are acceptable.

Looking at the close up shots, you can see that the phone does a good job in bringing the details and the colors are also good with good details, but here again the images lacks sharpness and quite often blurry and soft.  There is also a macro lens included which is a 5MP shooter. You can toggle the macro mode from the interface. The macro shots were washed out and colors were not so great.

Next, the portrait shots, here again the images looks pretty good. The sharpness levels are acceptable and so is the edge detection. At times the edges were not really perfect, but for humans, it did come out pretty well.

Moving to low light images, the phone has f/2.0 aperture and it produces decent results in artifical light or moderately lit conditions. In low light conditions or there is considerable amount of noise included. The details are quite ok, but here again it suffers from over softening of images. There is night mode on offer, which does a decent job in brining highlughts, but it is no where close to what the competition offers.

The low light shots taken with wide angle camera was quite average with low sharpness and higher noise.

Front Camera (Selfies)

Finally the selfie experience. The 32MP  selfie camera performance is quite ok.  The skin colors are also quite good, but we would have liked a slightly sharper selfie.  Since Selfies are more of personal choise we would leave it to our viewers to decide on the quality.

The phone also comes with portrait mode for selfie camera and here again it is quite good but the edge detection is not accurate all the time.


Priced at Rs 23,999, the Samsung Galaxy A51 disappoints in the camera department with just average results. While the hardware is good, Samsung hasn’t been able to optimize the software processing and hence it results in average performance in video, low light and also ultra wide angle shots. The daylight captures were quite good but against not the best in class. So if you are in for a great camera smartphone below Rs 25,000, Samsung Galaxy A51 might not be the best pick.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Camera Review

Rs 23,999



Ultra-Wide Angle




Close up


Low Light






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