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Sony IMX586 vs Sony IMX582- What are the Differences?

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Sony IMX586 vs Sony IMX582- What are the Differences?

Sony’s IMX586 is one of the most popular sensors available right now for smartphones. It is the 48MP Sony ½ inch sensor, 1.6?m large 4-in-1 large pixel and this is one of the hot favorite for flagship smartphones. The Sony IMX586 is used in phones like Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi K20, ASUS 6Z, OnePlus 7 Pro and many more.With the launch of Redmi K20, the mid-range premium smartphone, another sensor made an impact and it was Sony’s IMX582 sensor. Both the IMX586 and IMX582 are 48MP sensors, so what are the difference between them?

Sony IMX586 vs Sony IMX582

Sony IMX586 vs Sony IMX582:

Sony’s new sensor the IMX582 made an appearance when Xiaomi launched their new mid-range phone the Redmi K20 back in China in May. At the launch event, Xiaomi actually showed what are the differences between the two sensors. Below you can see the comparison chart for the two sensors and you can see that the only difference is that IMX582 does not support 4K @60fps instead it is capped at 30fps.

Both the cameras are true 48MP shooters with 1.6?m pixel size and 1/2 inch sensor.

Screenshot (218)

So we can clearly say that IMX582 is more like a rebranded IMX586 without 4K@60fps support.

Here is the camera review of Redmi K20 with Sony IMX582 sensor.

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