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30 Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

If you plan to search for any video or watch any movie, the first site that comes to mind is obviously YouTube. It is undoubtedly the most popular platform for videos and we watch a lot of content on YouTube. While YouTube is available across multiple platforms, the best way to watch videos is probably on your laptop or desktop and this is where keyboard shortcuts come handy. If you do not want to use your mouse while watching videos on YouTube, you can always go for YouTube keyboard shortcuts. In this post, we will just go through the best shortcuts useful while watching YouTube.

Please note that all shortcuts may not be work for every web browser and operating system. The type of keyboard used also plays an important role in the shortcuts.  YouTube automatically defaults to HTML5 in Chrome, IE 11, and Safari 8, as well as beta versions of Firefox and most of the shortcuts, will work in HTML5.

So here is the list of best and most useful YouTube Keyboard shortcuts.

Youtube Keyboard shortcuts

Spacebarplay/pause video
Stop buttonStop Video
<Go back 5 seconds
CTRL <Go back 10 seconds
>skip forward 5 seconds
CTRL >skip forward 10 seconds
0Restart Video
EndSkip to end of video
FEnter of Exit full-screen View
EscExit full-screen view
MMute/Unmute audio
Up buttonRaise volume by 5%
Down buttonLower volume by 5%
Enter ReturnToggle selected player button
DeleteReplay previous video
Shift DeleteGo to next played video (if any)
CToggle closed captioning (CC)
+Increase CC font size
Decrease CC font size
/Place text cursor in search field
<Lower Speed
>Increase Speed
?Show/Hide shortcut list
Shift NNext video (in: “Up next” or playlist)
Shift PPrevious video (played or in playlist)
1Move playhead to 10%
2Move playhead to 20%
3Move playhead to 30%
4Move playhead to 40%
5Move playhead to 50%
6Move playhead to 60%
7Move playhead to 70%
8Move playhead to 80%
9Move playhead to 90%
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