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Anker PowerHouse 120,600mAh Power Bank with Solar Charging Launched

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Anker PowerHouse 120,600mAh Power Bank with Solar Charging Launched

Anker is a company known to produce power banks and the company has now announced a new power bank called the Anker PowerHouse. The speciality of this power bank is the massive 120,600mAh capacity. This power bank is capable of charging smartphones 40 times, a laptop upto 15 times and it can even power a mini fridge and provide 15V light for almost 100 hours.

It also comes with an unique feature that it can be charged via solar power apart from the regular charging options.


It is approximately 4.2Kg in weight, but it can be carried easily when travelling using the handle provided. It comes with 36 individual batteries, each one is rated at 3,350mAh totalling to 120,600mAh in capacity.

It has 4 USB ports with fast charging option along with a regular 12V socket. It can be charged in 10 hours time using the normal wall charging and it takes 16 hours for solar charging. It is made of aluminium shell and has been drop tested.


The PowerHouse is priced $499 (approx Rs 33,000), but you can get it for $399 using the code ANKPower on Amazon US.

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