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What is MIJIA from Xiaomi and Products that come under it

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What is MIJIA from Xiaomi and Products that come under it

Xiaomi is now a well known brand globally even though the operations are mainly limited to Asia. Xiaomi entered many countries outside China couple of years back and has had great success in countries like India. While the company has launched mobile phones and IoT devices in China, operations in other countries are mainly limited to mobile phones.

Today, the company announced the new sub brand called MIJIA and in this post we will discuss about this new brand.



What is MIJIA?

MIJIA is new sub brand by Xiaomi and in Chinese it means Xiaomi Smart Home. It is a new Mi ecosystem where all the Internet of things will fall into. This sub brand will mostly include products which are made by third party companies which are partnered with Xiaomi. So the smart home products will all come under this new brand.

The logo of MIJIA looks similar to a shield and yes, it is as reliable as a shield.


All the products other than smartphones, TVs and routers will fall under this brand. This includes Air purifier, blood pressure monitor, water purifier etc. The first new product launched today in the MIJIA lineup is the smart rice cooker.


The new pressure cooker comes with induction heating and has a total of 2450 different heating methods. The cooker also comes with a dedicated app which can control almost all settings on the cooker. If the rice packet comes with QR code, the cooker will automatically set the softness of the rice.

The rice cooker is priced 999 Yuan in China which approximately converts to $154. The cooker will go on sale on April 6 in China on the website.

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