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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review

Xiaomi announced their latest accessory, the Mi Bluetooth speaker at the launch of Redmi Note 3. The speaker will go on sale in India in few days time and is priced Rs 1999. Mi Bluetooth speaker is a compact speaker and comes with built-in Anerva AV3102 DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and it also supports a host of functions like accepting calls, aux and also music controls.

We have been using the speaker for past 2 weeks and here is our detailed review of the Mi Bluetooth Speaker.


Here is the video review along with music test.

Design and Build:

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker comes with an all metal body made of aluminium. The front grill has a unique finishing reminiscent of old radio transistors and at the center, you have the Mi logo. On the left side, you have aux port, microphone, USB charging slot and Mi logo.

The right side houses the power/ play button, volume up and down keys along with Bluetooth pair buttons. The bottom portion has two rubber strips to keep the speaker firm on the surface.  Even though the speaker has a metal frame, it is pretty lightweight and can be easily carried around.

Overall, the design is stylish and build quality of the speaker is top notch.


Mi Bluetooth speaker comes with host of features including:

  • Auxiliary port
  • Bluetooth connection to phone
  • Accept calls using inbuilt microphone
  • Play/ Pause button
  • Volume keys
  • Check battery status
  • Two speaker units inside

The speaker comes with built-in microphone, when you receive a call, the music automatically pauses and you can simply press the Play button to launch hands-free mode without having to use the phone. Mi Speaker comes with dual speaker units inside for better performance.




Mi Bluetooth Speaker comes equipped with the Avnera AV3102 chip which offers 90dB for great output. We tested the phone with a variety of music including ones with high bass. We were surprised to see the performance of this small speaker. The quality of speaker for music performance is excellent and quite sufficient for a regular sized room.

We even increased the volume to the maximum level to see if there was any distortion in the output, but Mi speaker impressed us here as well. The call quality when your phone is connected to the speaker is also very good. The speaker comes with a 1500mAh battery and you can charge using the normal micro USB. The battery can last upto 8 hours as per the company’s claim and we did get good overall performance from the battery. You can press the Bluetooth button on the right side to know the capacity. The speaker will let you know how much battery is left.



With great performance, handsfree calling, aux port and good battery life, the Mi Speaker ticks all the right boxes for a portable Bluetooth speaker. The speaker is priced Rs 1999 and available in a variety of colors to choose from. It will go on sale during Holi season on If you are searching for a portable and high-performance speaker, your search stops here, go get the Mi Speaker for Rs 1,999. We recommend this speaker for anyone looking for an all-round portable speaker.

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  1. Long press the power button to open the speaker, the phone open Bluetooth, search for “millet Bluetooth audio”, can be paired. After the success of pairing, open the cell phone music player to play, the speaker will work. Operation is still very simple.

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