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6 Reasons Why you should Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10

6 Reasons Why you should Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 is the upcoming version of Windows which is currently in preview version. This is one of the most important releases for the company ever since the Windows 8 release was heavily criticized and the adoption rates were lower. But with Windows 10, Microsoft is planning to get the success it got for Windows 7 launch few years back.

Windows 10 comes with whole lot of new features and also improvements to existing ones from Windows 8.1. Microsoft will also be bringing in Windows 10 to phones (called Windows 10 Mobile) and this brings in a universal apps. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, here are top 6 reasons why you should be upgrading to Windows 10 when it is official on July 29th 2015.

1. New Start Menu:

While Microsoft moved away from the traditional start menu in Windows 8.1, they have come back to it with Windows 10. One of the highlight of Windows 10 is the new start menu which is better in many aspects and comes with options to pin apps to start menu, there is universal search and also has option to switch to full screen start menu.

windows 10 start menu

2. Cortana:

One of the biggest feature of Windows 10 is Cortana which is the digital personal assistant available for Windows Phones. With Cortana you can perform a variety of tasks including reminders, compose emails, weather details and much more. Cortana for desktop can even search for files which is a very useful feature. You can just shoot the question to Cortana and she will get the file for you.


3. Free Upgrade:

Windows 10 is offered as a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users if you are using a genuine license and also if you upgrade it in the first year of release. This means you can get Windows 10 free of cost and the version will be based on the version you are using currently. More details available here. Once upgraded, it will be free for lifetime.

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4. Microsoft Edge Browser

Windows 10 will feature the all new web browser called Microsoft Edge. This was first known as project Spartan and now the official name has been revealed. This browser is a newly built browser and comes with a simple interface and offers good features. We have covered in detail about the browser in the latest build. It will also support extensions and add-ons going forward.

Edge Browser1

5. Continuum:

One of the new features in Windows 10 is that it has the continuum mode which helps the operating system work better with devices that support both a mouse and keyboard and touch input. For convertible devices, there are two modes, tablet mode and normal desktop mode. When you want to use only the touchscreen, tablet mode changes the layout of the operating system so it’s more touch-friendly. Continuum should help convertible and hybrid devices work better with Windows, giving you a better experience on those devices.

continuum mode

6. New Features- Snap and Multiple Desktops:

Windows 10 will come with multiple desktop feature which was otherwise available only using third party tools. You can switch between different desktops with multiple apps running in their own separate areas. The traditional Windows 7 Snap View works in Windows 10 with classic and universal apps. So you can snap both the apps together on Windows 10. There is also a new feature called “Snap Assist” at the side where you can grab apps from multiple desktops.

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