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iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c- Which one Should you Buy?

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iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c- Which one Should you Buy?

We all know that Apple released two iPhones this year, one is the high end iPhone 5s which comes with new features like better 8MP camera and a new fingerprint scanner for security. The second one is iPhone 5c which is the replacement to the existing iPhone 5 and it has with almost similar specs and also comes in vibrant colors like Yellow, Green, Red, etc.

While many thought that iPhone 5c would be cheaper iPhone, Apple had different thoughts. Tim Cook mentioned that cheaper iPhone was never in the consideration. While iPhone 5s maintains its metallic construction, iPhone 5c comes in poly-carbonate and hence have the vibrant colors. While the iPhone 5c is priced lower than iPhone 5s, it is still not a cheap iPhone.

Now, if you are planning to buy the new iPhone and confused on which to take, the metallic iPhone 5s or the colourful iPhone 5c, then here is a cool infographic from CNET.

The infographic compares the specifications of both the phones and makes it easy to choose between the two phones based on your priority.

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c


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