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GlassUp- Google Glass Alternative now on Indiegogo

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GlassUp- Google Glass Alternative now on Indiegogo

Google Glass has taken the tech world by a storm with so much anticipation on Google’s new invention. Few of the early users who tested the device found it to be a good innovative device, but the price of the device is high considering the technology involved in it. Now if you couldnt get hold of a Google Glass, here is an alternative- GlassUp. GlassUp is an augmented reality glasses that display messages from your smartphone. It can display emails, text messages, directions, heartbeats, translations, or any other info selected by the relevant apps on your smartphone.

The message is shown on the side of the field of view, in an unobtrusive manner. It is connected by a Bluetooth connection and a set of apps (Android, iOS and probably Windows Phone), depending on the mobile platform and the message you want to receive. If you want to reply to message, you need to open the phone and cannot be done by the glass.

GlassUp is now posted on Indiegogo crowd funding, but the developers say that they will provide the glass even if the campaign isn’t funded as they have got alternative funding.


Some examples of GlassUp uses;

  • Emails, text messages, Facebook updates, tweets, RSS, calendar events, incoming calls
  • Breaking news, weather, stock exchange, sport results
  • Real time feedback display for running, biking, sailing, action sports
  • Turn by turn directions to riders (motorcycles, bikes,..)
  • Aid for hearing impaired
  • Translations display when talking in different languages
  • Patients’ body data to a surgeon
  • Instructions to workers in warehousing or maintenance
  • Teleprompter for public speaking
  • Subtitles at the movies (for hearing impaired and for different languages)
  • Details about works of art at a museum
  • Gaming
  • Domotics

Now the main question is how does it stack up against Google Glass? The answer is simple, GlassUp is receive only and does not have the capability to take input, but Google Glass can and this is the main feature of Google Glass.


Here is the official specs;

  • Weight around 65 grams (tested on first prototype)
  • On board OS: Android
  • Sensors: accelerometer, compass, ambient light sensor, precision altimeter, perhaps more
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth LE
  • Optical system, made of a display and a set of lenses and mirrors. The resolution of the display is 320×240. If you ask more details on the optics, you’re a competitor.
  • One day of battery life recharge via mini-USB
  • Lenses: Lenses will be slightly tinted
  • Controls: A touch-pad, with the usual controls (tap, double tap, long press, swipe vertically and horizontally).
  • Color combinations: The frame you see in the video is red on white, it’s one of the two versions planned for sale – the other is green on black
  • Prescription glasses –  Can GlassUp be used with your prescription lenses? The lens of GlassUp is very special, so you can not replace it with any other glass.

Here is a video of GlassUp;

If you are interested in this product, you can pledge for the product on Indiegogo and you can find more details here. The glass is priced at $399, way cheaper when compared to Google Glass, but at the same time you get lesser options as well. You can pick one from Indiegogo for $299.

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