Custom WordPress Installation with WPRoller

WordPress is currently the most popular platform for blogging used by millions of blogs and websites around the world. WordPress also offers high customization options either in the form of plugins or you can even do it manually. Also there are hundreds of awesome free themes available for WordPress. So once you have installed WordPress, you can install the plugins you need for the website.

But what if you want to install the WordPress with all desired themes and plugins in one go? WPRoller is the answer to it! WPRoller is a free service which allow you to get a custom WordPress installation with all your desired plugins and themes included. You can select WP + Language+ Themes + Plugins in one single installer.

Select version

In the first step, you need to select the WordPress version you want, it can be either the latest version of the latest nightly build (in case you are testing). Then you need to select the plugins required which is categorized and finally select the themes you want in the installation.

Select plugins

Once you click the create button, your custom WordPress install will be ready. You can download it with all the themes and plugins in one go.

The service is handy for people who want to try out different nightly versions of WordPress with plugins and themes.

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