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Try out BlackBerry 10 on your iPhone and Android


Try out BlackBerry 10 on your iPhone and Android

BlackBerry unveiled the new BB10 OS along with their new smartphone Z10 back in January. BlackBerry 10 has some very cool and exciting features like Time Shift Camera, BlackBerry Flow, the BlackBerry 10 Keyboard and the new BlackBerry Hub. While the reviews of BB10 and Z10 were not promising, the sales figures of the new OS is also not very promising.

Now if you are an Android or iPhone user and want to try out the features of BlackBerry 10, you can catch a glimpse of the new operating system directly from your iPhone or Android browser. BlackBerry has launched a new site where you can get a glimpse of the new OS. Open the browser on your Android or iPhone and point it to

It will start a demo of BB10 with its features.


You will be walked through basic gestures for navigating the OS, using the Hub, the predictive keyboard, BBM Video and Screen Share, and the camera’s Time Shift feature. You cannot use the glimpse of your own, but you need to follow the arrows and dots to help you navigate.

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Since the app is purely web based, it does not have the exact gestures of the actual OS, nevertheless, iPhone and Android users can get a glimpse of what is available in the new OS.

[Via CNet]

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1 Comment

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