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Transfer Contacts, Messages, Videos and Pictures from iPhone to Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy SIII, the flagship phone from Samsung has been a huge hit ever since it was released back in May 2012. It was such a huge hit that it even overtook the sales of iPhone in many markets where iPhone was popular. Now many iPhone users might have or want to move to Samsung Galaxy SIII, but the main problem is the data available in the phone which includes contacts, messages, videos, pictures, music etc. Moving these files and data is often a tedious task.

Apart from this, users might need to install all their apps once again in the new phone. Easy Phone Sync is a neat freeware tool for people who want to move from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy (any galaxy series including SIII, Note II etc).

Easy phone sync

With Easy Phone Sync, Samsung Galaxy phone owners would be able to get their contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, podcasts and playlists from the iPhone via iTunes and transfer them to the new device without missing out on any data. Easy Phone Sync can be used to transfer most tracks purchased from the iTunes Store to your phone. The tracks must be in the iTunes Plus format (any tracks in the older iTunes format cannot be copied).

The application is available for Windows and Mac. Once installed, you need to connect the device and install the Easy Phone Sync Android app on your Galaxy Phone. The desktop app will automatically detect the connected phone and transfer the data using the iTunes.

After you have synchronized using Easy Phone Sync, you should be able to find the tracks in the Music app that is built into the phone. It can take some time for all of the data to be updated after the sync is complete. Easy Phone Sync updates the contacts first, then the messages and finally the calendar.

Easyphone sync easy-phone-sync_1

Easy Phone Sync is an easy way to transfer the following to your Samsung Galaxy device;

  • Contacts, messages, photos and videos from an iPhone or iPad using the iTunes backup on your computer
  • Music, podcasts and playlists from iTunes
  • Contacts, messages, photos and videos from a Blackberry backup on your computer.

Download Easy Phone Sync | Android App

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