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7 USB Flash Drives with High Capacity and USB 3.0


7 USB Flash Drives with High Capacity and USB 3.0

When you want to carry large amount of data in the form of documents, photos and videos, the most common method is to use a USB flash drives. USB drives have been in use for quite a long time now and there has been many improvements in features and also design. USB flash drives now support USB 3.0, you can copy files much faster than the traditional USB 2.0 drives. Apart from this the amount of storage available in USB flash drives have also increased. From 4GB to 8GB available few years back, now it has almost gone to 512GB and 1TB.

Although these high storage USB 3.0 flash drives are costly than the traditional ones, they are helpful if you want to carry huge amount of data. If you want higher storage you can also check out portable hard disks available. Related Reading: 10 Best Portable Hard Drives with USB 3.0

USB flash drives

Now if you are looking for a high storage USB flash drive, here are some of the options available.

1. DataTraveler HyperX 3.0:

Featuring a high-speed 8-channel controller that provides USB 3.0 data transfer speeds with capacities of up to 256GB, DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 is the perfect solution for expanding a notebook’s storage and for quickly storing, transferring and backing up any digital lifestyle. Users will save time associated with opening and transferring large files and applications between devices. The USB is available in 34, 128, 256 GB sizes.


2. DataTraveler HyperX Predator:

DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB Flash drive offers the fastest speeds from Kingston and the highest capacities available in the world. With 240MB/s read and 160MB/s write2 speeds (in USB 3.0), users can quickly access, edit and transfer their files and applications directly from the drive with no performance lag. Capacities up to 1TB1 allow users to store their entire digital world on the DT HyperX Predator. This prestigious drive is compliant with next-generation USB 3.0 specifications and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 systems. DT HyperX Predator offers superior quality in a high-end design and also features a custom Kingston key ring and HyperX Valet Keychain for added value. This USB drive is available in 512GB, 1TB capacities.

Kingston predator

3. Cruzer Glide USB Flash Drive:

The Cruzer Glide USB Flash Drive offers an easy and secure way to share, move, and back up your most important files. Featuring a compact design with a retractable USB connector, this flash drive is ideal for data users who need easy, portable access to their media and personal files. The Cruzer Glide USB flash drive has a sleek, streamlined design with an attractive black and red color scheme. Its compact size means it can easily slip into a front pocket or purse. The flash drive is available in 128GB, 64GB and 32GB.

Cruzer Glide USB Flash Drive

4. Flash Voyager GT Turbo USB 3.0 128GB USB Flash Drive:

Flash Voyager GT Turbo delivers performance that rivals SSDs. With read speeds of up to 260 MB per second and writes at up to 235 MB per second, transporting large media collections is fast and convenient. This groundbreaking technology is contained in a brushed metal housing that feels great in the hand. The USB connector retracts securely into the drive with the flick of a slide switch, so there’s no cap to lose.


5. Flash Voyager GT USB 3.0 128GB USB Flash Drive:

Standard USB 3.0 flash drives are fast. Flash Voyager GT USB 3.0 is even faster, with data transfer rates of up to two times the speed of standard USB 3.0 drives, and up to eight times the speed of USB 2.0 drives. The finger-friendly ergonomics of the Flash Voyager GT USB 3.0 will make you want to take it with you everywhere, so reliability is essential.


6. Transcend JetFlash 760/770:

Using advanced USB 3.0 technology, the extremely fast JetFlash 760/770 allows you to transfer, store and share numerous or large files quicker than ever before. For added style and convenience, a brightly-colored sliding USB connector not only protects the drive and its contents, but also ensures there is no cap to lose.


7. Transcend JetFlash 600:

If you are looking for high speed and vast storage space in a lightweight, compact design, then the JetFlash 600 is the cream of the crop. Taking full advantage of advanced dual-channel technology that combines the bandwidth of two chips, the JetFlash 600 transfers data in the fast lane.


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