Pnyxe is a Free Professional Comment System for Websites

Comments are one of the most important aspects of any blog or websites as they engage readers in a nice discussion. Pnyxe is a nice freeware professional comment system for websites and forums. One of the best features of Pnyxe is that it blends neatly into the current theme of your website and also integrates to your existing comment system of blogs or websites. Another nice feature is that you can promote website in Google, Facebook or Twitter.


Pnyxe comes with 2 different systems-

1. DiscussIt Comment System: It is a social widget for commenting and also facilitates for interaction with readers. The HTML comment box available for embedding to website provides unique way to increase website traffic and visitor engagement and also to significantly promote your website in search engines (e.g. Google) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter).


There is also a PostRank tool which automatically ranks the comment and the authors and assigns a reputation to each author. As a result of this ranking content is automatically organized so the most relevant content is shown first. There is also email notifications for any comment authors in case of new comments to the discussion.

The feature called Chameleon, inherits the site’s design automatically, plus there is a complete self customization option using CSS. So you do not have to do any customizations when implementing the comment box.

2. Forum Widget: ForumIt is another widget allowing you to create forum pages within your website. It provides advanced management system for forum and again inheriting the site design is one of the feature of this widget.

Another great feature of Pnyxe is that it can be implemented on multiple blogging platforms as well as forums. Pnyxe is supported on Google Sites, WordPress, Go Daddy, Tumblr, Blogger, Typepad, Yola and many more other platforms.

The implementing part is again very simple, it comes with a Javascript version which you need to include in your HTML page for you blog or forum. Once added, you can see the comment system widget (comment box) or forum widget in your website.

Apart from the free plans for these widgets, there is also paid ones which offer better features like SEO, spam prevention etc, but if you do not have the money to go for the paid one, the free version is still pretty good enough for any blog or forum.

For more details you can refer Pnyxe

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  1. I tried it on blogspot platform.. but..the comments area is always same to ALL POSTING PAGE.. how to make the comment box on pages are different to each other.

    Sorry for my poor english, here i try to explain.
    In Posting tittled POSTING TWO, on comment box i stil got old comments from POSTING ONE…
    can u help me??

  2. Can it make comment as the right topic? or just spam uncontrollably?

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