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How to Prevent Users from Tagging you in Facebook Photos and Videos

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social networking site as of now. Even though its popular, there are lots of issues in Facebook as well and one of them is tagging friends in Facebook photos and videos. Your friends and users can tag you in photos or videos and in turn this could sometime become an embarrassing situation for you. Apart from this, users also simply tag friends on irrelevant photos just to bring to notice of users. Although there is no way to prevent users from tagging you in Facebook, you can always be on safer side by making tagged photos invisible to users.


To make tagged photos invisible, open Account-> Privacy Settings. Under the privacy settings, click on Customize Settings.

Customize Settings

In the customize settings, scroll down to “Things others share” settings. You can see the option Photos and videos I’m tagged in. In the drop down list, select Customize.

Tagged Photos

This will open a pop up where you can select who can view tagged photos of you. Select “Only Me” if you want to make the tagged photos invisible.

Visibility of tagged photos

Save the settings and from now on, even if you are tagged in irrelevant photos, these will no show up on your profile.

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