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Change Windows 7 Taskbar Icons with 7Conifier

We have already discussed the awesome features of Windows 7 taskbar. 7Conifier is a simple freeware tool which allows you to change the taskbar icons in Windows 7.  Windows 7 does not provide an interface to change the icons and this tool does the job neatly. 7CONIFIER is a tool is capable of changing all your taskbar and start menu icons in a single click and all you need to do is select the package you would like to use and hit “Apply”.



  • One click (and key press) to change your systems appearance.
  • One click (and key press) to change it back.
  • Comes pre-loaded with three packages.
  • Supports future package releases.
  • Built-in editor that allows you to edit or create you own packages.
  • Works on both big and small (xp-style) icons

The tool does not modify any registry settings and also does not require any installation. You can restore to default icons at time. 7CONIFIER comes pre-loaded with three packages (Eclipse 2, Token Light and Token Dark). If you like variety you can easily add more packages. Simply download a package and place it in the folder called “packages”.

Download 7Conifier

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