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Skype for Windows 8


Even though it was announced that Skype for Windows 8 will be available on October 26th along with the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has made available Skype for Windows 8 in the Windows Store and users can now download ...

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Google Search App for Windows 8


Windows 8 is yet to be released (October 26th being the release date), but there has been many good apps already added to the Windows Store. Now Google has released its search app for Windows 8. The search app is ...

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Bypass Modern UI (Metro UI) on Windows 8


Windows 8’s new modern UI or the previously called the Metro UI provides users with a different experience when compared to earlier versions of Windows. The initial test versions of Windows 8 allowed users to skip the modern start screen, ...

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New Start Menu for Windows 8 from Pokki


Back in 2011, we had first covered about Pokki, which brings most commonly used web apps to Windows taskbar. You can install multiple popular apps like Gmail, Twitter clients etc and quickly access it from taskbar. Pokki has now updated its ...

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IM+ for Windows 8


With so many instant messaging services available including Facebook Chat, Google Talk,Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live, Skype and many more, you need to have the apps installed for these to get started with Instant messaging. IM+ is a very popular app ...

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