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3 Useful Features of Windows 10 Calculator App

Windows 10

3 Useful Features of Windows 10 Calculator App

Windows has its own default apps including notepad, command prompt, calculator and more. One of the useful and widely used apps in Windows 10 is the calculator app. While previous versions of Windows also had the calculator app, it was a pretty basic one. With Windows 10, Microsoft has added a lot of features to the calculator app and it comes with some really useful options. Here is the list of best 3 useful features of Windows 10 calculator app.

Useful Features of Windows 10 Calculator


1. Scientific Calculator:

A scientific calculator is a type of electronic calculator which is designed to calculate problems in science, engineering, and Mathematics. It can be a handheld calculator or you can alternatively use Windows 10 calculator for your scientific calculations. You can easily enable it from the main menu of Windows 10 calculator.


2. Programmable Calculator:

A programmable calculator as the name indicates can run programmed or stored operations. Programmable calculators allow the users to write and store programs in the calculator in order to solve them which are otherwise difficult problems and the calculator can automate an elaborate procedure. Windows 10 Calculator has the option to program such tasks.

Useful Features of Windows 10 Calculator


3. Currency conversion:

A lot of us do currency conversion especially if you are receiving money in a different currency or traveling to another country. Windows 10 calculator now has the option of currency conversion. You can select the currency from which you want to convert and the currency to which you want to make the conversion. You also have an option to update the currency rates using Internet connection as rates changes on a daily basis.

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