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25 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Web Browsers


25 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Web Browsers

We all know that keyboard shortcuts are very useful to be more productive when using your PC. We have previously shared the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10. When using the web browser, keyboard shortcuts are pretty handy as they help you in getting thing done faster. Easch of the web browser have their own shortcuts, but there are lot of shortcuts which are common to all browsers.

So even if you use Chrome or Firefox or Opera, these common shortcuts will work. Below is the list of most useful and handy keyboard shortcuts to make your browsing experience better.

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Keyboard ShortcutAction
CTRL + TNew Tab
CTRL + NNew Window
CTRL + SHIFT + TReopen last closed tab
CTRL + TABSwitch to the new tab
CTRL + 1-8Switch to the specified tab in the number
CTRL + 9Switch to last tab
CTRL + W or CTRL + F4Close the current tab
ALT + F4Close the current window
F5Refresh page
CTRL + F5Refresh page skipping the cache
ALT + HomeHome page of the browser
F11Full screen
CTRL + Mouse wheel UpZoom in text
CTRL + Mouse wheel downZoom out
CTRL + FSearch on a webpage
CTRL + LFocus on address bar
CTRL + HOpen History
CTRL + JOpen Downloads
CTRL + DBookmark a page
CTRL + PPrint a page
CTRL + SSave the current webpage to system
CTRL + OOpen a file
F12Developer tools
CTRL + UOpen source code of the current page
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