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Review- Brando Qi Wireless Charger


Review- Brando Qi Wireless Charger

Wireless charging or Inductive charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. This has now become a new hot feature in smartphones. Quite a lot of new phones which were released last year had wireless charging enabled. Almost all of these handsets which comes with wireless charging are high end smartphones. When Nokia released the Lumia 920 last year, it came with Wireless charging. Nokia also announced a host of wireless charger accessories.

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While the feature looks good, this is still a luxury as the phones are high end ones and the chargers are expensive. As of now there is no manufacturer which ships the wireless charger along with the device. Today almost all devices uses the Qi standard for wireless charging.

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If your phone supports Qi standard wireless charging and looking for an affordable charger, here is Brando’s Wireless Charging Pad. Today we are reviewing this affordable charging solution for your wireless charging enabled phones.



  • Qi Compatible
  • Size: 155mm x 84mm x 8mm
  • Weighs 123g
  • 0.8mm thickness
  • Color: White
  • Input: 5v, 1.5A
  • Output: 5v, 1000mA

Unlike the Nokia’s wireless charging solutions, the Fatboy pillow and flat charger, Brando’s Wireless Charging Pad is bigger in size and even bigger than the phone. Even though it is bigger it is light weight and easy to carry as well. The device is made of plastics with a matt finish at the top and glossy effect all around with curved edges.

When it comes to build quality and finish, the wireless charging pad is good although the plastics used isn’t top notch. The wireless charger is powered by a USB cable and a power socket which is separate. The advantage is that you can even power up the charger from your laptop.


When you power up the charger, a red indicator light glow showing that the charger is ready to get started. You need to place your smartphone at the center of the charger. The wireless charging is proper only if the placement is correct.


Apart from the red indicator light, there are two more lights. When you start charging the phone, a green light glow and once the charging is complete, the light turns blue (separate light). If you haven’t placed the phone properly on the charger, the green light blinks indicating charging is not proper. Most of the wireless chargers available does not have this indicators.


The time taken for charging Lumia 920 was around 2.5- 3 hours on an average which we feel is pretty good. The only issue probably with this charger is the placement of the phone correctly on the charging pad.


The charger is priced at $48 and it is one of the low priced wireless chargers available as of today. Most of the others are around the $70-$80 price range. You can order one from here.


  • Decent Build quality
  • USB Charging available
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Qi charger, so compatible with most devices
  • Light weight


  • Need to keep the phone exactly in the center to correctly charge the phone

Since the charger is based on Qi standards, it should be compatible with all phones supporting the standards.

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