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5 Best SSD you can Buy


5 Best SSD you can Buy

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a data storage device which is gaining popularity in recent times which uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. SSD technology uses electronic interfaces compatible with traditional block input/output (I/O) hard disk drives. SSDs do not employ any moving mechanical components, which distinguishes them from traditional magnetic disks such as hard disk drives (HDDs) or floppy disks, which are electromechanical devices containing spinning disks and movable read/write heads.

Initially SSDs were pretty costly and not affordable on all laptops or desktop, but slowing the SSD rates are coming down and it is also in-built on many tablets, laptops and ultrabooks. Also the good thing about SSDs is that it shares the I/O interface technology developed for hard disk drives, thus permitting simple replacement for most applications.

So if you are planning to upgrade from your normal hard disk to SSD, here are some of the best ones you could check out.

1. Corsair Neutron 240GB:

Neutron Series SSDs deliver both super-high IOPs, important for data-intensive tasks like video and image editing as well as superior sequential read speeds for lighting fast file access. They offer impressive read speed regardless of data type, avoiding the issues that some SSDs have with reading compressed data, such as video files. It’s performance that goes beyond benchmark scores, and speed you can count on no matter what type of work you do on your PC.

Corsair Neutron

2. OCZ Vertex 4 256GB:

As the fourth generation of the Vertex family, the Vertex 4 Series delivers high-end storage performance for a modern day computing experience. Vertex 4 SSDs are engineered to enable exceptional file transfer rates and superior system responsiveness, all while providing a more durable, reliable, and energy efficient storage solution compared to traditional hard drives. Designed to take advantage of the SATA III interface, the Vertex 4 delivers superior productivity for gaming and multimedia applications.

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Vertex 4


3. Intel 330 Series 240GB:

Ideal for price-conscious enthusiasts looking to upgrade a desktop or notebook PC, the Intel SSD 330 Series brings SATA 6Gb/s transfer rates to the Intel Solid-State Drive 300 Family. Offered in the most popular capacities (60GB, 120GB, 180GB and 240GB), the Intel SSD 330 Series boosts overall system performance and responsiveness for a broad range of applications.

Intel 330 Series

4. Samsung 840 256GB:

Samsung’s SSD 840 PRO Series is capable of delivering up to 540MB/s and 450MB/s of sequential read and write speeds for ultra-fast file transfers including random speeds of up to 100K IOPS for the fastest real-world performance. The SSD 840 PRO Series provides workstation-class performance for seamless video editing or the ultimate gaming experience.


5. Plextor M5 Pro 128GB

The Plextor M5Pro is a professional SSD designed for business and advanced users who demand high performance, reliability, and true data integrity. It uses the latest Marvell 88SS9187 controller and this provides it with random read / write speeds of up to 100,000 / 88,000 IOPS. Even under heavy loads the multi-core controller and exclusive Plextor firmware make the M5Pro extremely fast, reliable and stable. It is available in 128. 256 and 512GB storage sizes.


Plextor M5 Pro 128GB

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