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Samsung Galaxy S3 or S2?


Samsung Galaxy S3 or S2?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was released amidst much fanfare in glitzy standalone launch event in London. The Galaxy S2 set a high benchmark for the S3 to beat and there had been many expectations from the fans. The S3 did not disappoint in terms of features and considered as a great improvement on its predecessors – the Samsung Galaxy S2. However, with all these features the price too has risen significantly. So, is it wiser to spend your hard earned money on the S3 or settle for a good old S2, We will take you through a few points that we hope will help you come to a decision in your next phone purchase.


Size and Finish- This aspect has been the main bone of contention among many. The S3 thanks to its larger screen is larger than the S2. Some critics feel that it is too large and is a cross between a tablet and the Galaxy S2. The S3 measures 136.6 mm in height and 70.6 mm in width, while the S2 measures 125.3 mm in height and 66.1 mm in width. The S3 is also 0.1 mm thicker than the S2. It is also heavier than the S2 at 133 grams. However, the S3 is actually is more or less on the thin side. The main problem that many critics complain of is the glossy finish to the phone which gives it a very cheap, plastic feel. Several users found this could have been avoided in a premium smartphone at the high end price range. This feature doesn’t take much away from the phone’s durability. The Galaxy S2 is also a very durable device but it is always better to get a Case mate barely there Samsung Galaxy S2 case which ensures the phone does not feel bulky and provides protection.

Screen and Display-The screen size of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is only half an inch greater than thee Samsung Galaxy S2 which has a 4.3 inch screen. However the difference lies in it resolution which the Samsung S3 boasts with a 1280 x 720 pixels resolution compared to the S2’s 800 x 480 pixels resolution. However, the Samsung S2 has RGB matrix and a Super AMOLED Plus screen. The S3 does not have a Super AMOLED Plus screen and has a PenTile arrangement which shares the sub pixels among the adjacent pixels. However to the untrained eye there might not be much of a difference, but to the experts it makes a world of a difference.

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Camera- If having a good camera is a major deciding factor while buying a phone then dishing a whole lot of money for the S3 may not be a great idea as the Samsung Galaxy S3 has an 8 MP camera like the S2. The features are almost similar except the S3 leads with some extra features such as Burst mode and simultaneous HD recording and image recording. However, the S2 has a decent camera that takes some great images and good 720p, 1080p video recording. The S2 also has some neat features like the panorama mode, outdoor visibility etc. But, the S2 does suffer from a lax shutter speed.

Battery Life-The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a 2100 mAh battery to ensure it can juice up the new features, faster processor and the large display. This battery has been the reason for whatever bulkiness the S3 has. The S2 has a standard 1650 mAh battery which has a decent life even under extreme loads. Despite the considerable difference in the battery specifications, there isn’t much difference in the overall battery life. The battery lives of both of the phones are more or less the same.
We have seen some of the differences between the two models. As a final verdict we would not refute the fact that S3 is a better device due to its faster Quad core processor when compared to the dual core in Galaxy S2. However, for someone who is not an ardent gadget freak and looking for a decently price3d smartphone, then the Galaxy S2 will perfectly fit your bill. However for those who have been ardently waiting for a successor to the Galaxy S2 or are looking to replace their iPhones with a different brand, then Galaxy S3 is the choice for you.

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