Outlook.com is the new webmail from Microsoft replacing Windows Live Hotmail. All users can now access their emails by visiting outlook.com and also upgrade to new email account. Occasionally when you sign in to Microsoft Outlook, you might see an error like, “It looks like there’s a problem with Outlook right now. It should be fixed soon, so please try again in a few minutes.” These types of errors are temporary and are usually resolved quickly. But apart from these, there are other sign in problems.


Reset your Password:

If you are not able to sign in with your account, you need to cross check the password input. If you’re sure you’re using the right password, but still can’t sign in, your account might be compromised. If you want to reset the password, go to the Reset your password page and enter the email address and password and then enter the characters in the picture. Choose a reset option, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Troubleshoot your sign-in problem

If you are not able to login from your PC, see if you can sign in to your account on a different computer. For example, if you normally use your computer at home, try using a different computer on a different Internet connection. If you can sign in on that computer, it’s possible that there has been a temporary issue with your connection, computer, or browser settings.

Here are some things that you can do to try to resolve the issue:

  • Restart your computer.
  • Check to see if your computer’s date and time are set correctly.
  • Set your browser to accept third-party cookies.
Try signing in to other Microsoft services

See if you can sign in to other Microsoft services, such as SkyDrive orMSN. If you can sign in to one of these sites, the issue is likely with the site you were trying to sign in to, not with your account.

Check your firewall and antivirus programs

Check to see if your firewall or your antivirus programs are blocking the site you’re trying to access. To do this, check the documentation for the firewall and antivirus programs you’re using.