Microsoft has just announced the rebranding of Hotmail as with full Metro UI and set of new features and also social networking integration. Other than the features, Microsoft is also offering the new email address at domain. This means that you can now start creating a new email address. You can either create your new ID or create an alias for your existing Hotmail account.

Outlook email

To create a new email alias for your exisiting Hotmail account with, sign in using your Hotmail account and navigate to this link. This will prompt you to create your new email address.

Rename email address

Important Note: You might not want to change this email address if you’ve used it to set up a Windows Phone. On your phone, features that use this address will stop working, including Marketplace, Xbox LIVE, SkyDrive, email, and others. To use these features again on your phone, you’d need to restore it to factory settings, which erases all personal content.

If you want to create a new email address without renaming the existing account, you can go to and click on the link Sign up.

Create new account

Once you create the new account, you can start using the new features of