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Review: Feligan Powerbrick Charger


Review: Feligan Powerbrick Charger

Most of the modern smartphones, tablets and other devices have their own charging mechanisms and chargers. Because of this, you need to have multiple chargers for each of devices and when you want to charge multiple devices, you might end up running out of charging points. Feligan’s Powerbrick is a new charger unit which allows you to charge almost 10 different devices from a single power source. It is a all-in one charger unit which can be customized to suit your needs so that you can charge your smartphones, cameras, laptops, MP3 players, gaming consoles etc.

As you can see from the image below, the Powerbrick comes with 6 main retractable power cables which are configurable. The default module comes with 2 micro USB, one mini USB, one Nokia charger and two Apple chargers. You can configure the Powerbrick from here. It supports almost all smartphone and feature phone manufactures including Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony and many more.

Powerbrick (1)

Apart from the 6 main retractable units, it also features 2 USB slots for charging along with 2 universal sockets. The build quality of the unit is pretty good and is also well designed. It weighs approx 600gms. If you pull open the top section, you can actually interchange the 6 retractable units on the top section. You can buy additional units from Feligan and then change these as per your needs.

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Powerbrick in action

Powerbrick (3)

Powerbrick (4)

Feligan Powerbrick is efficient and safe. it offers the following safety;

  • Electronic protection from short-circuits
  • Protection from over-voltage  and over-current
  • Anti electromagnetic emission filters

Powerbrick is an universal battery charger for power up and recharge of at least 10 devices at once.


  • 6 retractable cords Feligan Power Box – (5V DC – 5W per channel)
  • 2 USB high output ports (5V DC – 10W per channel)
  • 2 universal sockets on the front (110/230V AC – 10A – 1500W)
  • 1 euro socket on the rear 6A (110/230V AC – 6A – 1000W)
  • Input: 90-250V AC

Powerbrick (5)

You can buy the Powerbrick from either Feligan or Expansys or Amazon. If you are buying from Feligan website, they do ship the product to India, but their main power socket isn’t India although you can easily get a converter. Powerbrick is available at a cost of € 69 (Approx 4800 INR), although the unit is not cheap it is worth the money if you have multiple smartphones, tablets and cameras.

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