Social networks are one of the most commonly used ways to promote your blog or products. If you have a WordPress based blog or website, then probably Social is one of the best plugins to have to connect with popular networks like Facebook and Twitter. Using this plugin, you can broadcast posts to Twitter and/or Facebook, pull in items from each as comments, and allow commenters to use their Twitter/Facebook identities and more.

Social Plugin

You can associate your Twitter and Facebook accounts with your blog and its users. Once you publish a new post, you can then choose to automatically broadcast a message to any accounts authenticated with the overall blog or your current logged-in user.

The plugin also allows readers to post comment as Twitter or Facebook identity. They can also publish their response directly to their Twitter or Facebook account.

Post comment

For each post, you can view the Twitter reactions by importing the URL. It can aggregate the various mentions, retweets, @replies, comments and responses and republish them as WordPress comments.

Social Commetns


  • Automatically broadcast posts to Twitter and/or Facebook
  • Supports multiple accounts associated per user and per blog
  • Automatically polls Twitter and Facebook for mentions of your post
  • Displays mentions inline with comments
  • Filter comments by originating source (Facebook, Twitter, or your blog as comments)
  • Allow users to leave comments as Facebook or Twitter identity

Overall Social is a very useful plugin for all WordPress users to connect with social media.

Download Social