Google has recently announced the +1 feature which enabled users to promote a story which they discover on the Internet and further to this Google also added +1s to analytics to help you track the number of +1s. Another good feature of +1 is that you can use it as a bookmark service and also import it to other browsers. You can use it this bookmark service using Google +1 and takeout. Takeout was a new service introduced by Google to download your data from Google and now +1s have been  included in takeout.

Google 1

First step would obviously be to +1 all the sites and articles you like and want to bookmark (most of the websites have implemented this). Once you have +1ed the articles, it will be available against your Gmail ID. Now go to Google take out and select the tab “Choose Services” and select +1s. Click on create archive.

Once you have created, the +1 data will be available under downloads.

Download the file

Click on the download button and it will get your the +1s against your account. The zip archive has an HTML file named bookmarks, this file will contain the list of websites you have +1ed. You can actually import this into your browser any time as it just a HTML file.

All the sites you have +1ed will be available in your Gmail account which means you don’t have to worry about the storage.