We have covered few extensions for Google Chrome which adds Twitter and Facebook to Google+. Agent G+ is a new bot for Google+ which when connected to Twitter and Facebook can post to these services automatically from Google+ without the use of any extensions. All you need to do is to share the post with Agent G+ and instantly it is send to Twitter and Facebook. Apart from this, the bot also supports connection to Identi.ca.

To configure this service, open the site http://gplus.sagg.im/ and then connect with your Twitter and Facebook using oAuth. Once authenticated, you get a code from respective services. Now share this code with Agent G+ on Google+, which means the authentication code is available only for the bot.


Once authenticated, any post you share with Agent G+ (bot) on Google+ will be automatically posted to the services you have connected with the bot. So this means you can post any update on Google+ and then share it with your circles and also with the bot. You can even add the bot into a new circle so that it becomes easy to share posts.

Agent G

Well the advantage of this service is that you can post to Twitter, Facebook and Identi.ca, irrespective of from where you post the update, since it just involves sharing the post with the bot on Google+.

Agent G+ is a nice service to connect to Twitter and Facebook without using any extensions.

More info available here [Via]