Google’s latest social networking platform Google+ is gaining popularity as we can see many services being launched based on it. Google+ has a unique concept of circles where you can add friends whom you wish to follow and if you are a blogger it would be a great idea to display your Google+ profile on your blog so that readers can follow you easily and add to their circles. GoogleCards is a new WordPress plugin which can display your Google+ profile on your blog sidebar.

Google Cards

All you need to do is to upload the plugin to WordPress plugin folder and activate it. The plugin works as a widget, so open the widgets section for your theme and add it to the desired location in your theme. You can change the title and need to specify the Google+ ID which can be got from your G+ profile.

Google Card settings

Overall a nice plugin, but what is missing though is the options to customize it and also for widgetless themes.

Download Google Cards WordPress Plugin