Facebook has announced the new feature of messages with an email address to all the users. The new Social inbox will have messages and updates from our friends and everyone at unified place. If you want an invite to this new Facebook Messages/ Email, then you can request it here. If you have already got the invite you can claim your Facebook email address. Follow the steps below to get your Facebook address.


Steps to get your free email address:

To set up a free @facebook.com address, go to your Messages view and click on the “Claim your Facebook email” link.

Your email address will match your public username, for example:
Profile: facebook.com/username
Email: username@facebook.com

If you don’t have a username yet, you can choose one when you create your email address or change it using the steps mentioned here.

Once you set up your email address in Facebook, people can email you using any webmail like Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, and the emails will be delivered to your Facebook Messages. When you send messages to external email addresses, the emails will be formatted to look like Facebook messages, including your name, your profile picture and your message.