Facebook does not provide a direct interface for checking out friend requests which are pending in your account. Recently while checking out the status of friend requests in Facebook, we found different ways to check the pending friend request status. You can use the Facebook interface to find out friends who have still not responded to your request. To view the pending request, log into your account.


Once logged in, Go to accounts-> Edit friends.

Edit Friends

Under Lists, click on the Friends list and here you can see your friends whom you have added but not yet confirmed or pending.

Friend Requests pending

Alternatively you can also open the friend’s page whom you have added and if you see the message “Awaiting friend confirmation”, it means the request is still pending.

Awaiting confirmation

Apart from this, there is also a Facebook app, which allows you to easily view all the friend requests which are pending. You can add this application to your profile from here. You need to provide permission to access your account. Once added, it lists out all the pending friend requests.

Pending friend request

The good part of this application is that it allows you to remove the request as well as send a reminder to your friend to accept it. You can get the application from here.

Although Facebook does not have an interface, these workarounds should be able to help you find pending friend requests.