Orkut is a popular social networking site from Google and it is popular only in few countries and India is one among them. Since Orkut uses your Google account to login, there are many risk involved in this as anyone who is able to get access to your Orkut account can login to your Google services also. Due to Orkut’s open nature, users’ accounts can become compromised through phishing schemes, viruses and spyware. We had some issues with our Orkut account recently as well. Here are some general tips and guidelines you can follow while using Orkut.


1. To login to Orkut always type the URL http://www.orkut.com/ instead of clicking any links to open it. This is the safest way to open Orkut.

2. Never select the “remember me” option when you’re using a public or shared computer to access Orkut or any Google services.

Orkut Login

3. Never copy and paste a web address or script (code) into your Internet browser while signed into orkut, no matter what it claims to do. Don’t click links in scraps or emails that claim to be from orkut. There are lots of Orkut scripts which promises to do changes to your profile, but these can be risk to your account.

4. Be cautious when adding strangers to your friends list. Orkut is a great place to make new friends, but be careful about information you share with someone you’ve never met in person.

5. Restrict access to your content by using the privacy features in Orkut.

6. Don’t forget to click the sign out link at the top of the page when you’re done using orkut. If you just close your web browser without signing out of orkut, others may be able to access your account when reopening the browser.

7. In case you find your account being compromised, sign out of all Google Accounts and then change the password immediately.