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How to Access Meebo When Blocked

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How to Access Meebo When Blocked

Meebo, a popular web instant messenger founded in 2005, supports various instant messaging services like Yahoo messenger, GTalk, Windows Live Messenger and also Facebook. Instead of using different installable versions of Instant messengers Meebo can be used to login to multiple IMs. Since Meebo is for IM, most of the offices, schools and colleges have blocked Meebo.


If you are having issues using Meebo because it is blocked, you can try out Meebo Repeater. The Meebo Repeater can only access, so unlike other proxies that give anyone access to any site from your computer, the Meebo Repeater can only be used for chatting. Meebo Repeater supports SSL and non-SSL so you don’t have to worry about anyone reading your IMs.

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Meebo Repeater

How to use Meebo Repeater:

Just install the repeater on a computer that can access the Web freely (where there is no restriction), and then use that computer to bounce the signal to Meebo. It’s a simple and secure process, but the main computer needs to run the Meebo repeater tool all the time (unless you are on an unlimited connection, this might have some cost involved).

Configure port

Meebo Repeater does not require any installation, just run the exe file and give permission through firewall.

In case you are having issues configuring the Repeater, more instructions are available here.

Download Meebo Repeater

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. WeBuzz

    June 2, 2010 at 7:10 am

    If meebo is blocked, you can take a try on WeBuzz.IM ( ), another new web instant messenger service for Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Facebook Chat, XMPP/Jabber.

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