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Tweetz is a Windows 7 Twitter Gadget

Windows 7

Tweetz is a Windows 7 Twitter Gadget

We have covered various Twitter clients for Windows, now here is another twitter client which is in fact a Windows 7 sidebar gadget. Although Tweetz is a sidebar gadget, it provides you with all the functionality of Twitter like retweet, reply, search etc. It also support for mentions, direct messages and has a built in URL shortener which make it breeze to use. It even does reverse looks up on links so you’ll know where they go before click on them.


To update your status, click anywhere in title area of the gadget near the top. Compose your message including any links. To shorten links, click the “Shorten” button and Tweetz will scan the message for links and shorten them in place. You can also add a sound notification when a new tweet arrives.

Twitter Gadget- tweetz

Each tweet available in the gadget has an option for replying, retweeting and also adding to favorites. Apart from this, you can also have a compact version of the gadget on the sidebar in case you feel the overall size is big (which is again customizable). Overall we were impressed by this twitter client and if you are already using sidebar gadgets, this is an useful add.

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  2. TwitterUser

    April 19, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Too bad that after logging into this gadget my account suddenly started sending out SPAM to my followers.. Guess I won’t be needing a Windows 7 Twitter Gadget afterall.. 🙁

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