Windows Live Mail is a desktop email client which comes with Windows Live Essential suite of applications. Windows Live Mail is free email client which allows you to access your email using POP or IMAP. You can download Windows Live Mail from Windows Live Essential site. You will need to download the web setup of Live essentials and then install Windows Live Mail from the set up. You can download the Live Essential web set up from here. Once it is installed, you can start Windows Live Mail by typing it in the start menu or use the All programs menu.

Windows Live Mail

When you are using Live Mail for the first time, it will ask you to configure email accounts. You need to enter your email ID and password.

Configure new mail

If you have a Hotmail or Live ID, then you only need to enter the email and password, rest all configurations are done by the application. In case you are using Gmail or Google Apps account, you need to manually enter the POP or IMAP settings.

configure settings

If you are using Hotmail or Live ID, the application will ask you to download the folders from Hotmail or Live account. This notification is shown on the top bar of the application.

Download folders

Once the folders are downloaded, all you emails from Hotmail or Live ID will be available in Windows Live Mail. If you want to change or add new Hotmail or Live ID, you can do it easily by logging in on the top right corner of the application.

login to Windows live

Now you can start using Windows Live Mail to sent and receive all you emails.