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How to Submit your Website to Bing

Microsoft’s new decision search engine, Bing which was released this week is already in discussion. Many webmasters have claimed that they have started getting good traffic from Bing. You can submit your website or blog to Bing and start getting traffic from Bing. Once you submit your website, you will need to verify it. This feature is available in Bing’s webmasters tool which can be accessed from the extra menu at the top right hand corner.


How to Add Website/ blog to Bing:

1. Navigate to this URL if you want to submit your website to Bing. You will need to sign in with your Windows Live ID to access the webmaster center.

2. Enter the website URL and also sitemap URL (sitemap is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to add one).

Add a site

3. Next step is to verify your website and this can be done either with XML verification or HTML meta tag verification. You can get more details from the help center.

4. Once your website or blog is validated, you can see the complete details of the website submitted like number of URLs indexed, any issues with the crawling etc.

webmasters tool

The webmasters tool allows you to check crawl issues, back links, outbound links and also sitemap.

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  1. Hi Nirmal, I didn’t even know Bing existed until I started seeing traffic coming from it. Apparently, I don’t need to submit this particular website (but need to submit others).

  2. Thanks for this Nirmal. Recently added/updated my site on Bing!

  3. thanks nirmal. really useful for bloggers / webmasters.

  4. Thanks for this info, however I don’t need it as it’s auto transfer from Live to Bing. I really in love with Bing.

  5. I logged into the webmaster tool and Realize my blog is already listed there. probably because I submitted to MSN earlier..

  6. Thanks! You would think Bing would make it easier for people to submit their websites, especially since they are trying to compete with Google.

    I’ve been looking for this link for 20 minutes now.

  7. earlier it was windows live web master tools

  8. Hi…i want to know how many days will it take for a new blog to get indexed in Bing and get traffic from Bing search??

    Please help me

  9. Google has pretty much fully indexed my blog (about 50 posts) but bing has only indexed about 10 pages. Why is bing so slow?

  10. Great !! I was really looking for ways to submit to Bing

  11. Thanks for this Nirmal. Recently added/updated my site on Bing

  12. It is great that it is possible to submit to BING. it is new, so probably it doesn’t know my website yet, and now it does! Thanks!

  13. So far Bing only has my site’s homepage indexed and for some reason the other pages are not being indexed.

  14. tried 5 times but havnt got the permission yet

  15. Thanks for the information.

    I already have links to my website on bing.com , the only problem is that am not getting a lot of traffic from it.

  16. Ok thank you for this interesting guide bro…

  17. You have a great blog here, really helpful. Very well written I will be bookmarking your website and subscribing to your feed so i can regularly read articles of this quality.

  18. Very nice article and useful too ,kip it up .
    Best of luck.

  19. This is the very useful information

    Thanks for share

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  21. This page is a joke, when you hover over the links it gives ads, and that’s the only place you can go — you can’t get to the bing pages.

  22. Thanks Sir for guide to submit in Bing

  23. Thanks, You helped me in getting my website indexed in Bing

  24. I submitted to index my site using cpanel attracta tool. After submitting to index from attracta tool we manually need to submit to index or not.

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