Opera 10 Beta version has been released and it comes with new features and one of the important update in this version is the turbo mode. Turbo mode in Opera 10 increases your internet bandwidth speed on slow connections using data and image compression technologies. This feature uses Opera proxy servers to compress the traffic before it reaches the Opera browser installed in any PC.

This turbo feature can be configured on your Opera and to do this, right click on the bottom left corner icon and select configure Opera Turbo.

configure Turbo

In the configure box, you can set the mode of turbo. It can be configured to be automatic, On or off.

Opera Turbo Settings

  • Automatic: Turbo will enable only if it detects a slow network
  • On: Optimize pages with Turbo so they load faster on slow networks
  • Off : Load pages normally
  • Notify me about network speed: Network speed indicator becomes visible within the Opera Turbo icon on the Status Bar

So have you seen any increase in speed with turbo, share in your comments.