If you have a highly popular WordPress blog with good number of comments everyday, then you can display the total comment count on your blog.  The plugin called as Liz Strauss Comment Counter is a highly configurable badge that shows the number of comments your WordPress blog has. The comment count badge looks similar to the feed burner chicklet and display how popular your blog is.

comment count plugin

Features of this plugin;

  • The plugin generates a static image every time a comment is left, there is no dynamic image generation
  • In case of failure to generate static image, it does it on the fly.
  • Minimal load and no extra database query is fired
  • Shows comments count similar to feed count
  • Neat interface with different color combination available

admin panel

The admin panel is also neat and easily configurable. Detailed instruction on how to use it can be found on the author’s blog.

Download Comment Count Plugin [Via TothePC]