Many times bloggers use multiple computers to blog and use Windows Live Writer to compose posts. There can be situations when all the PCs may not have Internet connectivity to publish the post to blog or save the draft to blog, which is the most preferred method to access the posts on other computers. When this situation happens, you can access posts written in WLW in another computer by copying the local drafts of Windows Live Writer.

One you complete composing the post, save the draft to local system.

Windows live writer drafts

Local drafts are saved in My Documents in the computer. Windows Live Writer creates a “My Weblog Posts” folder under “My Documents” which has two sub-folders – one with Drafts containing all the unpublished posts and another with Recent Posts that have been published through Windows Live Writer.

WLW drafts WLL drafts folder

You can copy the files and open these drafts in another computer installed with Windows Live Writer and then publish.