There are 1000s of WordPress themes available for free download, but still you would like to have a unique theme for your blog or website. All you need is to modify or design a new theme based on an existing theme. Now what happens if someone steals your theme from your theme folder after all the hard work? One of my friends Arpit had problems with some people ripping off his beautiful theme, which he had made for his blog. So how to protect your blog theme?

By default everyone can view the theme folder in your blog (WordPress). The navigation path is If you have a zipped version of your theme in this folder, everyone can just download your theme by clicking the zip file. In order to protect your can do this simple step.

1. Create a HTML page, which has a message like “You are not authorized to view this page” or something similar to it. Here is an example.


2. Save this file as Index.html and upload this file to your themes folder, by default wp-content/themes. Thats it.

Now if you navigate to the same path, this file is displayed and no one can access your theme files. Alternatively you can just remove all the zipped versions of your theme, so that no one can download it directly from your folder or change the permissions set on this folder.