Last time when I wrote a post on how to save IE from attacks, all my readers were of the opinion that Firefox should be used instead of using IE7. We all know the fact that Firefox consumes lot of memory while running. With 5-6 tabs open, Firefox was consuming lot of memory for me, so I decided to check which browser was best in terms of memory consumption.

Browsers tested:

  • Firefox
  • IE 7
  • Flock
  • Opera
  • Safari

Popular Browsers

In order to test the browsers, I opened only 2 websites, one was this blog and other was Google search page. Here are the results;

1. Firefox

Memory used: 59 MB


2. Flock

Memory used: 58 MB


3. Opera

Memory used: 35 MB


4. IE7

Memory used: 49 MB

Internet Explorer

5. Safari

Memory used: 53 MB


Firefox was the one which consumed maximum memory and Opera the least. Opera is definitely the best in terms of memory consumption, but the fact that it does not have much options in terms of add-ons like Firefox or Flock makes it less popular compared to Firefox. Flock is also a good option considering the fact that its build on Firefox platform and also supports most of the Firefox add-ons. The latest version of Safari is much stable and consumes less memory.