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5 Video Sharing Sites which are Better than YouTube

YouTube, owned by Google is the big daddy of videos and we can get virtually any kind of movies or videos in YouTube, from cricket or football matches to television soaps and top movies or even scandals. But still YouTube lacks behind in many aspects like clarity of video, limitation on size of video etc. So here are 5 Video sharing sites which are better than YouTube (not in terms of number of videos).

1. Blip.tv: Blip.tv Beta allows you to upload videos through its website or a desktop based software or through FTP or via mobile phone. Blip.tv is one of the best sites in terms of quality of video displayed.



  • Excellent Video and audio quality
  • Better upload options, via software, ftp or mobile phone
  • Unlimited user storage
  • Max file size 100 MB
  • Very good embedded player for websites and blogs
  • Also provides revenue sharing

2. DivX Stage 6: DivX stage 6 beta is developed by the people behind the DivX format and this site allows users to upload videos upto 2GB limit.

Divx Stage 6


  • Very good video and audio quality
  • 2GB upload size
  • Unlimited user storage
  • Good Embedded player

3. Microsoft Soap Box: Microsoft’s Soapbox is integrated with MSN platform. This is again a good service which allows to share videos with almost all Microsoft services like Windows Live Spaces.

MSn Video


  • Unlimited storage
  • Uploads file size upto 100 MB
  • Good quality audio and video
  • Good sharing options and embedded player

4. BrightCove: BrightCove is another good video sharing site which offers revenue sharing via Brightcove network.



  • Revenue sharing via network
  • 100 MB file size
  • Unlimited storage
  • Superior quality player
  • Good quality audio and video

5. Revver: The best feature of Revver are the revenue sharing for its users (50:50 split) and unlimited upload size. There is no limitation to the upload size. But the disadvantage of Revver is that all videos feature ads on them.



  • Good Quality audio and video
  • Revenue sharing
  • Unlimited video storage
  • Unlimited file size
  • Superior embedded player

There are few other good sites for Video sharing like MySpace TV, JumpCut etc. If you like to add any more sites which are better than You Tube, please share it in comments.

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Nirmal is a Technology Blogger and a Microsoft MVP in Windows. He can be contacted at nirmal@nirmaltv.com. You can find Nirmal on , and .


  1. Just to point out that Brightcove is not longer providing uploading and storage services to direct consumer. It is now only available to Brightcove media and business partners.

  2. Stage 6 is totally awesome… the video quality is wide screen and totally superior to that over YouTube. Unfortunately, these under dogs don’t get the traffic that YouTube has…

  3. @Kuanhoong,
    I tried using BrightCove to upload my video and I was successful in that.

    Stage 6 is indeed wonderful with superior quality video and audio.

  4. I don’t know why but I still prefer YouTube. Probably because now I am very much addicted to its player and all.

    YouTube is fast compared to other site but Stage 6 is also one really good video sharing site.

    Great List.

  5. @DJ,
    Yea, since we have been using YouTube for long time, we may not shift to any other site. 🙂
    But disagree on the point YouTube is fast, which aspect is it fast when compared to others?

  6. Hi Nirmal,

    The service will terminate beginning 18th December 2007.

    Refer to this announcement in Brightcove’s blog


  7. Thank you for the list. Stumbled.


  8. Aha finally some other sites to waste time on other than youtube. Well I have spend quite a lot of time watching videos this just adds up to the list. Stumbled 🙂

  9. Yep youtube is more popular if not the best in quality. I used blip.tv other than youtube, it is also good

  10. YouTube I heard is going to be increasing the quality of the videos very soon by detecting how fast your Internet connection is! That will be a welcome change.

  11. Youtube is also going to increse the upload size of videos but the length will remain the same.

    In terms of quality Stage 6 rocks .

  12. Nirmal, might be you need to check out MegaVideo.com. The quality is fabulous!

  13. @Kuanhoong,
    Just check this image. I was able to upload to Brightcove.

    Thanks for the Stumble.

    Thanks for the Stumble, indeed few more sites to add up to videos. 🙂

    If you Tube is increasing quality, then thats good news.

    Stage 6 is definitely great one.

    Good to see you back after a long time. I’ll check out mega video.

  14. While Youtube is still king, these are nice alternatives! I’ve used Blip.tv for hosting my Flash slides, which I can’t do it in Youtube. Revver is also quite nice.

  15. OMG,

    I wonder did you actually read the blog that I gave to you?

    As I said, the service will end in 18th December 2007. It is 6th December now. You can still upload you video. That is till 18th December 2007. 12 days to go.

    Thank you.

  16. @Kuanhoong,
    Sorry for that error, I thought it was terminated upto Dec 18. 🙁

  17. I’ve used Blip, and I really liked it. It’s quite better than YouTube.

  18. The video quality is quite good in blip.tv.. Youtube loses out on that big time.

  19. @Harris,
    Blip is really good when compared to YouTube.

    Indeed YouTube misses out on one major thing and thats quality of videos.

  20. http://www.messagefromme.com

    – proprietary streaming player delivering H264/VORBIS
    – High Quality
    – Unlimited storage
    – Unlimited File size

    Beta version

  21. Revver is really nice. I have been using it for a couple years now and they are always upgrading stuff. A lot of sharing options, widgets, etc. I have been using it to upload my own videos and share the videos of other creators. I have made some money while doing it.

  22. I like them all and agree that youtube quality is not that good. However I prefer youtube and i have signed up with every video service (revver,westindiantube,veoh,break,google,yahoo,aol uncut,bliptv) just to name a few. But the bottom line for me is this. Youtube has a large viewing community and i have gotten national and international attention from major TV networks.

  23. Thanks you forgot to mention VlogVox.com they share revenue also and HD video support. Pay out well

  24. yes youtube is ok but not really organized for vlogging, I’m on VlogVox.com right now giving them a swing, you can get unlimited channels on the same profile so that a plus and the do HD all the way on videos, and you can embed from third party sites. Plus they share revenue as well.

    Im doing good. and like.

  25. hi everyone i just found a great new place that they said will be bigger than you tube
    my space face book and many more it launches monday morning you can even get
    paid and if your a musician every time someone hears you you get paid wow sounds good to
    me im allready signed up you can sign up free or 19.95 or 60.00 i paid the 60 as for that price
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  26. Dailymotion.com is pretty cool

  27. Yeah im on VlogVox.com also they are secret about sharing revenue you have to ask it and they will let you know what to. Its not just open to the world. But im making good change for the gas tank. So BIG UPs VLOGVOX.com

  28. A good way to convert videos in youtube to many formats is in this sites

    http://www.freefileconvert.com and

    They are fast and easy to use.

  29. Nice list thanks!

  30. as this post is quite old and as meanwhile so many news systems for web based video management entered the market, i would like to add http://www.vuuzla.com to the list above.

    unlimited video length, no video size restriction, lot`s of advertising opportunities within the player. and it`s free.

  31. These websites are so good in quality that i consider them even better than you tube. But You tube being the older one and large collection of videos’ is preferred by video viewers.

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